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Ashley Ng (吳雪艾)

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Self Photos / Files - AshleyNgAshley Ng is passionate about passing on her love for music. She graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative and Culture, majoring in Music and minoring in Visual Arts. Currently, she is pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) with a major in Music at The Education University of Hong Kong. Throughout her academic journey, she achieved ATCL Piano Performance Diploma from Trinity College London and obtained Grade 8 Violin Performance Certificate from the Royal Academy of Music. With over 5 years of teaching experience, her students have garnered awards in music competitions, including the Third Place and Fourth Place in the Hong Kong Music Talent Music Competition in 2021 and 2022.


With patience, encouragement, and a deep understanding of music theory, she nurtures her students' talents and helps them realize their full potential. Her teaching style is engaging, inspiring, and tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. She goes beyond focusing solely on students' examination and competition results, she places great emphasis on cultivating their passion and creativity in music. Ashley Ng teaching repertoire encompasses a wide range of musical genres, including not only the development of skills required for examinations but also teach songs based on students’ interest. She aspires to bring the joy of music to all her students, and she believes that music is not just a skill but also a source of inspiration and a means for students to discover their interests and modes of self-expression through music. She aims to create a joyful and interactive learning environment, encouraging students to explore and develop their musical talents, while enjoying the process of learning through the enchantment of music.


In Ashley's music lesson, students will experience a supportive environment designed to foster their musical growth and exploration. Each lesson is tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of the students, ensuring that they receive personalised attention and guidance. She believes in a holistic approach to music education, encompassing not only technical proficiency but also musical interpretation, theory, and appreciation. She also maintains open and regular communication with parents, providing progress updates and guidance on how to support their child's musical development. By providing a comprehensive musical education, she aims to instill in her students a deep understanding and love for music in her lesson.