Music: Instrumental / Singing Lesson


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Music: Instrumental / Singing Lesson

4 years old and/or above

Self Photos / Files - 1125 Following Royal Academy of Music, we tailor the learning for students to excel in happiness. Apart from one-on-one instrumental or singing lesson, we actively participate in ABRSM exams, competitions or performance, using these achievable goals to push for progress. Also, we offer Masterclass, classes on music history, chamber music and performance techniques, and organize concert-going activities to widen horizon. During recess, SAM buddies may perform for each other, play chamber music, visit classes, or be a little teacher, to offer help and support, so that they can develop an appreciative mindset and have fun in music together.
Self Photos / Files - 1123 Through Yoga shavasana, breathing technique and simple poses, we help students to relax and to train the body, which we use to play our instruments or to sing. It is important to have correct posture, coordinate the body and use strength without unnecessary tension.
Self Photos / Files - 1124 Through meditation and positive affirmation, we restore clarity in our mind and eliminate fear or self-doubt, so that we can overcome difficulties and challenges with patience and courage, and face the pressure of performance with focus and confidence.


SAM teachers are professional, loving and patience – they understand child’s psychology and teach with dedication and creativity. They are either foreigners or had overseas experiences whilst some of them are performers from top orchestras in Hong Kong. We also offer Teacher Training Programme, to nurture and inspire teachers.


In the last six years, we accomplished a list of achievements. SAM was awarded by HKMOS as “Best Music Academy of the Year” and won five “Best Music Organization Award” in competitions in Asia. SAM Buddies won 88 awards in competitions and achieved 90% excellent result in ABRSM exams, with the highest mark at 148 (total: 150). SAM teachers received 15 “Best Teacher Award”.


Individual lesson:




Star Teacher


$600 ,45 mins

$700,30 mins

$900,45 mins

$1,200 and / or above, 1 hour


$700,1 hour

$1,200,1 hour

$1,200 and / or above, 1 hour


$850,1 hour

$1,500,1 hour

$1,200 and / or above, 1 hour


$1000,1 hour

$1,800,1 hour

$1,200 and / or above, 1 hour


All group class: $500 / person, 1 hour