About Us

Silver Academy of Music (SAM) brings about changes and innovations to music education, so that students can strive for excellence, happily. We are the only music school in Hong Kong, which incorporates yoga and meditation to give a holistic and tailored training called, Body.Mind.Music. In a spacious environment, filled with positive energy, love and light, a professional and dedicated team of teachers offers music foundation courses or instrumental/singing lessons, to students aged 6 months to 16 years old. Also, SAM brings in Sound Therapy, using crystal singing bowls, reiki, yoga, meditation or aromatherapy etc, for parents or adults to adjust their energy, so that they can spread love and light with wisdom to their child and people around them.


In the last six years, we accomplished a list of achievements. SAM was awarded by HKMOS as “Best Music Academy of the Year” and won five “Best Music Organization Award” in competitions in Asia. SAM Buddies won 88 awards in competitions and achieved 90% excellent result in ABRSM exams, with the highest mark at 148 (total: 150). SAM teachers received 15 “Best Teacher Award”.